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LMOM 2011 – "Epilogue"

Title: The Lusty Month of Chocolate
Author: [ profile] snapealina
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Remus/Severus
Challenge: Lusty Month of May 2011
Word count: 267
Disclaimer: I don't own them :-( I only play with them :-) A LOT! ;-)
Summary/notes: Once again it was time for the Lusty Month of May over at pervy_werewolf on IJ, and we are all familiar with the (fandom) cliché that Remus likes chocolate. So this year I'm went for the Lusty Month of Chocolate! Enjoy! :D

I was originally going for the tier that required 20k during the entire month, but I ended  up doing the at least 500 words every day tier instead and also ended up at 37k :D YAY ME! :D

Here's a short epilogue and links to the fic.

Please be aware of the warnings for each chapter! This fic contains a lot of SMUT!

Lusty Epilogue... )

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Hi everyone :D

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm alive and kicking and also pimping ;)

Remember that thing I said last year I would never do again? Well, I'm doing it anyway!  ;-) Oh yes, it's once again time for The Lusty Month of May over at
pervy_werewolf! One whole month of Remus-smut!

So.... *PIMPING AHEAD* if you like to read and/or write smut, and you like Remus Lupin, you should totally check out LMOM2011!

This year, however, I will not do the 500 words a day challenge, but I'm going for the total of at least 20k of smut by the end of the month. A part of me wants to do the 500 challenge, but I know I won't be able to do that + it almost killed me last year... XD
20k is more realistic.

I also just wanted to let everyone know that I'm sorry for neglecting my flist and my journal this last few months! I have been writing, but my stuff has been posted mostly at [ profile] lupin_snape . I will probably start posting the fics here pretty soon. I will also post my Ron/Remus fic written for the [ profile] ronbigbang pretty soon.

That was all :D 


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