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What house are you in?

A question not uncommon in this fandom.

My answer: I HAVE NO IDEA!

Thoughts? )
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I love getting owl post like this :D

Thank you so much to
[info]valkyriekat  for the awesome scarf (and the letter) !!!
The fact that it came on the same day as the book is just a sign that there is such a thing as magic!
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So far this month I've written 30 smut-fics and 1/3 of a cuter Snupin-fic for another challenge. A total of 48000 words! Edited: I'm now over 50000 so it's time to go to bed and finish LMoM after a couple of hours sleep.

I have one more smutfic to go + to finish the other fic in the next few days (it was due today...)

The worst part about writing so much smut is that I feel I'm actually getting worse at it... Which makes it kind of bad that I left Severus for last...

I want to thank Lore for giving me an extension on the snupin remix challenge. I've been working on my Ron/Remus smut all day. I seriously didn't think it would take THAT long to write that fic! And now I have to at least write half of the Remus/Severus smut before I go to bed. Because I don't have much time to do it tomorrow... :S

Well, despite all this it's been fun, but remind me next April to NOT do this again (unless I'm not working) ;) I feel work has been neglected this month (not blaming LMoM totally, but partly) and I can feel the stress bubbling inside me! Luckily I only have to be completely stressed out for about 3 more weeks. After that I can go back to whatever I want :D

That is all, for now...
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Taken from [ profile] valkyriekat  and [ profile] potterpsycho 

When I see it like this, it suddenly doesn't seem very But I've visited most of the European countries several times, just to make it seem like I travel a lot ;)

visited 18 states (8%)
Create your own visited map of The World
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Sometimes it sucks to live in a small town in the middle of nowhere... Where I live I have access to 2 cinemas (with one theater/screen each) That means if I'm lucky I can pick between 2 movies (but mostly they show the same thing...) and usually we get the movies not long after the premiere or on the premiere date. Especially when it's really big and famous movies.

But I really, really, really want to see Alice in Wonderland like NOW!!! and I can't find information on either website on when they are going to show it here. I can't even find the movie on the list for April. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO????

(Thank Merlin they showed Half-Blood Prince on the same day as the rest of the country...haha)
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First of all let me just say to you all, I AM SO SORRY for being such a crappy friend, reviewer, detention-girl etc lately. As some of you perhaps read in one of my more recent posts (if you haven't deleted me from your f-list already XD), RLx2 have been keeping me busy.

I signed up for the Lupin Big Bang and they demanded a minimum 20000 word fic. I had almost forgotten about this fest because of all the other things that have been happening, but decided to give it a try. I would write like crazy for the three weeks I had before the first draft was due, and if I had 20k by then I would go for it.

Thursday January 14th I started writing and Wednesday February 3rd I reached 20k. I was so proud! I had used 16 of those days writing and I reached my goal.

The problem about me having to write such a long fic was that I just wrote whatever came into my head. I had a plot and a rough draft in my head, but because I was worried that I wouldn't have enough ideas to fill the fic I wrote whatever popped in. I can always edit it out later was my main plan ;)

Sunday February 7th I handed in my first draft, but the fic still wasn't finished. I still had a lot to write and I was no longer worried that I would fall below 20k even with editing. So since then I have been writing whenever I've had the time. And earlier today I think I wrote the last sentence. yay me!

Just a couple of days ago I was in doubt about the whole fic. I just didn't seem to get to the things I wanted to. Everytime I wanted to write I got completely blank. I was about to give up on the whole thing. But then one day it suddenly things started going really well and I wrote over 6000 words in one day, and I finally got to the part I'd had in my head for so long. After that things went pretty well and I finally finished.

But during all this time and all the ups and downs I somehow managed to write 40 000 words!!!! 40K in one month and 2 days. Holy cow! That's some achievement for me! Now I just hope it doesn't

I'm spending tonight reading through it and fixing things and getting it ready to be betaed. I just hope [ profile] valkyriekat  hasn't been too scared by reading this... I'm forever grateful that you will do this, Kat! I owe you bigtime! I will get right back to commenting after this :D

Another awesome thing that happened this week was that I suddenly one day realized that I had a 1 year anniversary as a ficcer. yaay! (I'm slow, I know) I started writing Miss Invisible February 11th, 2009! The chapter was published the 19th so I still have a couple of days before I'm celebrating a year as a public

So during this last week I've celebrated an anniversary and written a 40k fic :D wooooohoooo

Just so you know ;)
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Seven things meme from [info]valkyriekat who tagged me...

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1.       I play a lot of instruments, but I always want to learn how to play a new one.

2.       Most of my ideas to my fics come to me while driving (or when I’m at places I really shouldn’t think about stuff like that…)

3.       I'm a review whore... I truly squee at any comment to my fics (even before I read it...)

4.       My house is always a mess.

5.       I almost always postpone things to the last minute.

6.       I spend way too much time on Farmville and School of Wizardy...

7.       I’m always comparing myself to other people

I tag: 
[info]lindeluren [info]nimrod_9  [info]oicanon [info]tamgerine [info]wordfuzion  [info]xmidnightblazex [info]lar_laughs 

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OK, so I know I haven't been so active on LJ lately, and I really hate that!

The thing is, that my life has been extremely hectic lately. I've been working a 120% job and the three wind bands I'm in have had "gigs" in 7 out of 8 weekends in September and October. To top that, I have been stressed about the Snupin Santa and the Severus Big Bang.

Well, I can now inform everyone that I have handed in my Snupin Santa gift :D yaaay meeee!

The Big Bang is finally taking form, and I hope to have it written in a couple of days. I'm hoping that [ profile] valkyriekat  would be so awesome to beta it for me... :D (Only if you have the time and energy, hun!)

So hopefully things will calm down a bit from now on and I can finally start some fics that are just up to me ;) Or [ profile] sortinghatdrabs ... I miss that community!

Well, enough about that.

Just wanted to let people know, so I don't lose all my LJ friends because of lack of posting ;)

And I almost forgot: I'm finally going to a Wizard Rock show!!!! 

I'm going to the Snow Ball in Edinburgh on December 18th and I'm so freaking excited!!!! I get to see and hear The Remus Lupins, Riddle TM, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons, Siriusly Hazza P and The Black Sisters. It's gonna be totally awesome!!!!! I can't wait!
*huge fangirl squeeeeee* :D

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Today the awesome [ profile] valkyriekat made a trading card for me :D
Thanks Kat! It was really awesome!!
I just have to show it to everyone ;)

The weird story:

Last night when I drove home it was dark and it was raining. A really creepy night actually.

Suddenly one single cloud was lit up by the moonlight and it was the freakin' Dark Mark floating in the sky near my house!!!

Of course my phone was dead so I couldn't call any one or take a picture and then it disappeared behind a tree and I never saw it again...


The Death Eaters have now come to Norway...


Sep. 3rd, 2009 09:56 pm
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Why is it that everytime I get too much to do, and get really stressed, I end up doing completely silly, stupid, random, useless things instead????

I can't remember googling for pictures of Remus Lupin and Ron Weasley and try to make icons out of them being on my to-do-list...
I don't think it's part of my work either...
Or helps me clean the house...
I don't think I need them in my bag for this weekend either...

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I'm quite new to this fandom, and to fanfiction, compared to most people in here, and I'm not the world's most structured person either.

When I write, is when an idea pops into my head and I just have to write it down. So I'm not the most experienced writer either.

But when I found out about the Severus Snape Big Bang Birthday Bash, I signed up at once. I wanted to take part in something organized here on LJ, and was terrified and excited at the same time. Besides, this was in June and the deadlines wasn't until the autumn, so I had quite a lot of time, and the summer vacation was coming up, so I felt that this was a challenge I could handle.

On my way to London this summer, I had a 16 hour journey all by myself, and two fic ideas popped into my head. One of them (Fun on a Flane) was written and posted on the same day, but the other I wrote down the idea in a notebook I carry with me everywhere. I thought about using that idea for the Big Bang.

I was really looking forward to a summer full of writing, but there wasn't much writing this summer... Fun on a Flane was pretty much it... (and a couple of PWP's that are posted anonymous...)

Then work started again, and everything went craaaaaaazy... )


Aug. 20th, 2009 01:07 am
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This is a rant - you have been warned! ;)

I used to have a blog once... It's still there, but I don't use it anymore... 

When things annoy me, I did a tendency of being sarcastically funny when I talked about it. And things often annoy me...

Well, at least I thought I was sarcastically funny... not so sure if everybody else agreed, and it wasn’t always very welcome... So I guess I’ve lost a lot of the sarcastic wit I used to have…

Anyway... I did have a tendency of only writing when things annoyed me, because that was when I really was into things. I didn't notice things when they were good, only when they weren’t going my way. So I ended up ranting about a lot about stuff.

My sister once pointed that out for me. She had a friend that had a sort of a "happy-blog" while mine was more an "angry-blog"... That comment really stuck with me for a long time, so I didn't write much after that. I tried to write happy things, but then I also saw that no one really read the blog or commented or anything, so I gave it up...

Then I joined LJ, and I've started writing stuff again. But this time I was planning on using this for my fanfics, and I still intend to keep it that way. However, sometimes stuff happens and I need an outlet for my frustration. I can ask myself what’s the point, because only a few people (maybe just one...) reads this journal. But still it's sometimes good to get things out of your system...

So I'll just do it (and try to not do it too often)

Carry on reading about my stupid frustrations... )

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Today I got rudely awakened by a text message, and in a state of half-consciousness I somehow managed to open and read it. It said:

Look at the fog. I think the Dementors are breeding.

That woke me up :)

I love it when my friends make Harry Potter references out of nowhere, not just the other way around :)

So all in all, it was a nice way to wake up... :D


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