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My fic for Remus Lupin's 50th birthday fest [ profile] lupinbigbang  was posted today! :D

This is the longest fic I have ever written and I would like to thank 4 wonderful people for making this happen.

[ profile] valkyriekat  - the wonderful friend and beta I just couldn't do without!
[ profile] lindeluren  - my awesome and loyal friend/cheerleader/muse
Leila - for making sure that this fic was post worthy and that Ron and Remus were not completely OOC.
[ profile] o_k_go  - for doing the absolutely wonderful art for this story.

I could not have done this without you!

The fic is a Remus/Ron fic, where Ron finds a Time-Turner and manages to get himself sent back 21 years. He then meets Remus Lupin.

I hope you will enjoy it, and you can find everything here.
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In case some of you didn't know, it's Remus Lupin's 50th birthday today. Yaaaaaay!

This man really deserves to be celebrated, so check out all the awesome fics and art in honour of our favourite werewolf over at [ profile] lupinbigbang.

There will be posted one fic each day and I think there are 9 fics. The authors have been paired up with artists, so there is art for each story.

I don't know what day my story will be posted, but I'm sure to let you guys know ;)

Lupin Big Bang

In other news: On Severus' birthday I actually managed to convince my hubby to watch Half Blood Prince with me because it was Severus' birthday. Today I got him to watch Prisoner of Azkaban XD I just love my arguments to get him to watch them with me...
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What do you know about time-turners?

I'm trying to write a time-turner fic and I want to get it as correct as possible. That means I need to know what is canon when it comes to time-turners and what I can "claim" is the deal with them in my fic :)

For instance, if a person gets thrown back 20 years back in time. Will that person need to stay in the "time-turner"era for 20 years or is there any way to get back before that?

Does the time-turner "know" that you are going to use it, and the events that you cause will already have happened? (Like when Harry cast the stag-patronus the first time?) I'm a bit confused by the whole thing, but would really like to try to write this fic :D

Tell me everything you know is canon, and if you have theories of your own or have read some good time-turner fics I would appreciate that too, just let me know what is canon and not :D

I hope I get a ton of comments on this one :D 

First draft for the fic is due February 7th and posting begins in March


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