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My Mum is really into different types of crafts, and lately she's been really into needle felting. So she wanted to teach me how to do it, and my goal is to have my living room full of little felted Harry Potter "dolls" :) Big plans, I know :)

But before I can start making mySnape, I have to learn how to felt in the first place, and my Mum taught me how to make a heart (to hang on the Christmas tree) and then a snowman.

When I was going to make the scarf I wanted it to be a House-scarf of some sort, and the closest colours I could find were the Hufflepuff colours... So I made a Hufflepuff snowman :D

It was really fun, and I can't wait how to make people so I can start on MySnape ;)

My first attempt on needle-felting:

The fun thing was that the day after I made this, I had also booked my tickets to the Snow Ball (Wizard Rock show in Edinburgh December 18th... squeeeee) and the posters to that event is a snowman with house-scarves (one poster for each house)

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I love this fandom and the people in it! Just thought I let you guys know that :D

I don't have any friends at home that share my obsession with HP and writing fanfic (at least none that I'm aware of, since I don't tell them about But this last year I have made some really awesome friends here on Livejournal and on!

[personal profile] valkyriekat is one totally awesome and amazing person that I've gotten to know in here. I envy her creativity and ability to "know" the characters, and hopefully I can someday become just a fraction of the writer she is! And the fact that she didn't run far far away from me when she found out about my fascination for slash, and especially Snupin, says a lot ;)

And for my birthday this year, she wrote me this wonderful fic. Thank you soooooo much for that, hun! I really appreciate it!

Enjoy people!

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Now, this was fun... lol
It makes total sense... or perhaps not...

what do the harry potter characters think of you (includes sorting hat/ girls only)
Hufflepuff Harry: She is pretty but much to shy
Ron:who? huh ? what?
Herminie: you guys should make an atempt to get to know her she will warm up to you in thime and then she's lots of fun to be around
Fred & George: Shes fun to prank she falls for things so easily
Luna: we are BFFs she is sooooooooooo much fun
Neval:She never teases me and she alwas smiles when i walk by
Draco:She is soooo anoying she always getting in my way on my way to classes
Voldie: she would never make a good deathe eater why even bother watching her any more
Ginny: Shes in a lot of my classes and she seams kinda smart i guess
Pansey: what a little nobody who do i care
Cho :at least she notices me when i walk by mabie i'll ask her to be my friend


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