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My fic for Remus Lupin's 50th birthday fest [ profile] lupinbigbang  was posted today! :D

This is the longest fic I have ever written and I would like to thank 4 wonderful people for making this happen.

[ profile] valkyriekat  - the wonderful friend and beta I just couldn't do without!
[ profile] lindeluren  - my awesome and loyal friend/cheerleader/muse
Leila - for making sure that this fic was post worthy and that Ron and Remus were not completely OOC.
[ profile] o_k_go  - for doing the absolutely wonderful art for this story.

I could not have done this without you!

The fic is a Remus/Ron fic, where Ron finds a Time-Turner and manages to get himself sent back 21 years. He then meets Remus Lupin.

I hope you will enjoy it, and you can find everything here.
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Quickfic - part 4

New fandom.... omg what's happening to me?
I think I have the Rammflu!

My friend 
[ profile] lindeluren and I decided one night to give each other challenges for quick fic writing. We gave each other a pairing, a prompt, max word count and 3 random words the fic had to include. Then we said GO! and half an hour later silliness was created!

Warning: the following fic is sheer silliness and have NOT been betaread. It is also my first time writing Germanglish, so forgive me! XD
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, this has never happened. I just have weird things in my head...

My challenge from lindeluren was:

Characters: Till/Christoph
Word count: max 650 
Prompt: latex
Has to include the following words: goose, cheese, slut

Matching )

After [ profile] lindeluren read this, she immediately wanted to draw Gerhard the goose and who am I to stop such a wish??

Here it is, I just looooove the outfit and everything about this pic :D Click on it to be sent to her journal which has a lot more Rammstein than mine...haha
Gerhard the Goose )
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I got my Snupin Santa gift yesterday :D

I got this wonderful, beautiful piece of art from a secret Snupin Santa and I totally love it!

I just love the look on Severus' face, and Remus' hand, and the way he looks at Severus, the way the artist actually made them both bony and skinny, and just the whole feeling I get from this drawing. It's just awesome!

Click for pretty

Thank you Santa!


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