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25 Question HP Fandom Meme
Meme taken from [ profile] valkyriekat_47

1.Which house do you suit/are in?

2.Which family do you admire, the Blacks, Potters or Weasleys?

3.What is your Patronus?
A bird of some sort

4.What does your Boggart turn into?

5.What do you force it to become, that's laughable?
Maybe turn the flames into those air dancers and then deflate it?

6.Which spell do you prefer, Sectumsempra or Protego?

7.What animal would you take to Hogwarts?
Definitely an owl!

8.Who are your two best friends in Hogwarts? Any era.
I think it would really depend on the era and the house I was sorted into, because I'm a bit like Harry, the ones I meet on my first day are the ones I tend to stick to the rest of the year. But if I try to just think random characters I think my Remus would be one of them, and maybe Lily? Or perhaps Lavender Brown or the Patil girls? No wait, I would be totally in love with Remus and too scared to talk to him... this question is impossible!!! XD

9.What is your HP OTP?
Severus and Remus <3

10.Which character would you marry?

11.Death Eater or Auror?

12.What is your most obvious house trait?
You tell me... I'm still a bit house confused :P

13.What is your favourite Wizard Rock song?
There are just too many to choose from, I can't pick just one! I'm a wrock junkie! I love too many bands! (Slytherin bands FTW!!!)

14.Princes, Prewetts or Peverells?
I really don't know...

15.If you could only learn fives spells, what would they be?
Expelliarmus, Protego, Finite Incantatem, Expecto Patronum and Lumos? My favourite spell is Alohomora, but I guess I would just have to open doors like I do now... XD

16.Which movie is your favourite, and which is your least favourite?
Favourite film: PoA or DH2, Least favourite: CS
(Of course HBP has a special place in my heart because it's the first movie after I really got into the fandom, and I went to the premiere and have all sorts of feelings tied to it, but it's not a very good movie, it just means a lot to me personally.)

17.Which book did you like and which did you dislike?
Favourite book: I like them all, but least favourite: GoF

18.Which professor strikes your fancy the most? And least?
I think it's a tie between Severus and Remus. Least? Umbridge!

19.Did you get into Pottermore? Ignore it? Discard it?
Got in, went through it, tried to give feedback through the crappy feedback system, finally gave feedback through the survey and then forgot it existed... Will return when/if something fun happens, though.

20.Which piece would you pick on a Wizard Chess board?
I suck at chess, so maybe a pawn so I don't have to play for too long? Just put me out of my misery XD

21.Which is your overall favourite character?
I keep switching between Severus and Remus... Severus is a much more interesting character, but I just love Remus so much ;)

22.Which three characters are you most like?
I guess Tonks, Molly Weasley and Luna? Perhaps? Maybe?

23.What scene would you like to be in, in any HP book/film? Without changing the outcome.
It would be awesome to be one of many standing in the Great Hall and watch Harry Expelliarmus the crap out of Voldemort...

Although, IF BBC ever makes a mini-series or someone does a re-make of PoA I want to be the chamber maid at the Leaky Cauldron!!! Like for real!!!!

24.What scene would you least like to be in?
Anyone's death scene if I couldn't change the outcome :(

25.Did Voldemort/Riddle have any redeeming qualities in your opinion?

Date: 2012-02-07 12:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Weasleys! Glad you like them. Of course you're a Ravenclaw, you have more wisdom than I do anyway. Wisdom is not a Slytherin trait, ;)
Good wide selection of spells. #23 would be awesome to witness.


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